DISH Network Review: How Does It Stack Up?

Considering we live in a world where entertainment is readily available, networks that are on the market are quite competitive. It’s rather challenging to take your pick when there are so many choices, all with different perks.

The truth is that choice is extensive, but it’s not necessarily great. A significant number of brands will take advantage of the fact you didn’t go through the small print. For that reason, you need to do your research.

DISH is a well-known brand that’s getting more and more admirers. So let’s see what makes the network so popular and what its downsides are.

Introduction to DISH

As a DISH client, you’ll be able to choose between five basic plans. The cheapest one would be Flex Pack, which will cost you $37.99 on a monthly basis — which, you’ll agree, is a pretty affordable deal. For this small fee, you’ll be able to entertain yourself with 50 different channels.

If you can’t see yourself finding anything good to watch while browsing through only fifty channels, DISH has an option for you. The most expensive channel plan in this company’s offer is named America’s Top 250, which contains more than 290 channels. To enjoy this kind of luxury, you’d have to give up $104.99 each month.

Additional Features — HBO and Netflix

Unfortunately, not one of these plans has HBO. For all of you who feed of HBO’s cliffhangers, DISH is definitely not the best choice. However, if you like what you see other than the void that HBO leaves behind, you should know that DISH is compatible with Netflix. You can simply hook up the two entertainment sources and get the best out of both worlds.

In addition, you should know that DISH is quite popular among sports fans. If you want to spend every second of your free time watching games, DISH has an outstanding package of channels for you.

Once again, we have a problem here as well. Although DISH has a surprisingly long list of sports channels, an important one is missing. So you will be able to enjoy ABC, ESPN, MLB, NHL, and TNT, but DISH can’t offer you the pleasure that is NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

However, you will have access to channels like Boomerang, Sundance TV, and MLB Network, for instance. Although HBO and NFL SUNDAY TICKET are quite challenging to replace, it is evident that DISH managed to put together a decent list of channels. It’s still possible to keep track of your favorite shows and games with DISH — you just need to make an effort to do so.

DISH Plans Have No Hidden Fees

The most annoying thing with TV or internet providers are price irregularities. It’s always surprising when prices change suddenly from month to month. You’ll agree that it is super exciting not knowing how high your bill is going to be… not.

One of the reasons DISH clientele is quite loyal to the network are the transparent prices. You will always know exactly what you’re paying for. In addition, there are no hidden fees that are tucked away in small print.

Therefore, you can be sure that DISH won’t hide anything from you and that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Cost-Effective Internet Provider Deals

When choosing a new network, you should also pay attention to what else is there. Many companies in the industry often partner up so they can offer valuable perks to their clients, and thus, broaden their audience.

As far as DISH is concerned, the network can help you lower your monthly bills if you decide to go with an internet provider that is a friend of their company. So if you’re looking for a new internet provider, you can choose between:

  • HughesNet
  • Frontier

The good thing is that both of these providers are available across the country, so you can probably take your pick. If you’re asking for our advice, we will point you in the Frontier’s direction. The reason behind it is simple — they offer higher speeds.

Contract Options & Fees

There’s always the question of contract — should you or should you not bind yourself to a network? If you do, you’ll lose your freedom, and you’ll be bound to a company whether or not you’re satisfied with its service. On the other hand, signing a contract also means that you’re saving money.

Well, in the case of DISH, you’ll be able to save up to $360. If you sign a two-year-long contract, that will mean up to $15 more in your pocket each month. The exact sum depends on the contract you sign and the conditions you agree to. However, we can agree that it’s a decent sum.

Although you might like the potential savings, you won’t appreciate cancellation fees. It seems like DISH really doesn’t like it when someone leaves it because the penalty will lighten your wallet. According to your obligations, you’ll have to pay off the rest of your contract.

So in case you have only a month left, that doesn’t sound too bad. On the other hand, having a year or a year and a half left will leave you with a pretty big sum at hand.

Moreover, you should also know that DISH has a fee for late payments as well. If you don’t make them on time, the network will charge you $7 on a monthly basis.

Entertaining Choices of Channel Packs

You shouldn’t get your hopes up — it’s still impossible to get HBO or NFL SUNDAY TICKET. However, your thirst for great entertainment may be soothed with the channel packages in the DISH offer.

The channel packs are simple yet satisfying. As a DISH client, you’ll be able to choose from three different ones:

  • DISH Movie Pack
  • EPIX

We suggest you visit the official DISH website to see the complete list of channels. But one thing is certain — you won’t be disappointed. The prices are quite fair as well — not one pack is more expensive than $10 a month.

Available On-Demand Content

There’s really no point in having 300 channels if you won’t be home when your favorite show is on. Well, DISH found a way to save you from misery.

Thanks to the DISH built-in guide, you’ll be able to have an excellent overview of all the content that’s happening now. Let’s face it — it takes forever to go through 300 channels and find something you like before it finishes.

Furthermore, you can also watch content that’s not currently on air. You’ll find that DISH software is quite simple to navigate — actually, it resembles the one that Netflix has. For that reason, you won’t ever have to miss your favorite show.

Record Your Content with Hopper

Interestingly enough, DISH also enables you to make your own collection of movies, shows, and TV programs. However, you need to make a choice here too because there are two DVR options.

With Hopper Duo, you’ll be able to record 125 hours of high-definition content. With the DVR in question, you can record two different things simultaneously. In order to enjoy the benefits of Hopper Duo, DISH will charge you $10 a month.

To put it into context — let’s use Game of Thrones as an example, considering how popular the show is. If you’d play the series from the first episode up until the last one without stopping, the whole marathon would last 63 hours. So 125 doesn’t sound like a small number anymore, does it?

However, if you think that your collection can’t possibly fit there, you should go with Hopper 3. The upgraded DVR can fit 500 hours of HD content. Brace yourself for the following piece of information — Hopper 3 allows you to record 16 things at once. To pay for this pleasure, you need to part with $15 a month.

Watch on the Go with DISH App

If you’re away from home a lot, it can be challenging to commit to a two-year contract that we discussed earlier, for example. It’s hardly smart to have a million channels at home if you never get to watch them.

DISH has an option for travelers as well. When you’re away from home, you can simply use the official app. As you probably assumed, the app works on any device — your phone, tablet, or PC will all be compatible.

Moreover, it’s quite important to know that you don’t need Wi-Fi to watch your recorded content. So if you’re flying and you need to turn on the airplane mode, your favorite shows will still be available to you.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Another influential factor that can be a deal-breaker when choosing a new network is the customer service. Every problem is solvable under one condition — someone needs to be willing to take care of it.

In the case of DISH, you have nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, the customer service of the company is actually quite impressive. As a DISH client, you’ll be serviced by a company that has won many awards.

For starters, the DISH customer service employees are quite exemplary. Then, the performance and reliability of this team were also awarded the most prestigious prize. As if this wasn’t enough, DISH customer service has the lowest prices, and they are the most efficient team when it comes to billing.

With this kind of resume in mind, that two-year-long contract doesn’t sound so scary anymore, does it?

Interesting Facts About DISH

In the end, you should also know a few interesting facts about DISH. Other than all the properties we discussed above, the following facts are also the reasons why clients stay loyal to the DISH network.

To begin with, there’s college football. We already mentioned that DISH has a serious offer when it comes to sports channels. In addition, DISH also has a unique selection of channels that will enable you to keep track of college football. When it comes to that, DISH is unrivaled.

Furthermore, you should also know that fighting over your remote with family members isn’t necessary. DISH allows you to connect multiple TVs to the network. However, the DISH team will charge you for it. If you want to maintain peace in the house, you’ll have to give up to $7 a month for each additional TV.

Perhaps the following fact isn’t a surprise considering that we mentioned how effective DISH customer service was. Once you decide to become an official client of the network, the DISH team will visit you and hook you up free of charge. Although there are a number of fees within the company, this service doesn’t come with one.

Finally, it’s always good to know that a network can cooperate with virtual assistants. In case of DISH, you can even take your pick because the network is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant too.

A Short Summary

As you can see, DISH is a reliable company. Everything the team does is transparent — you shouldn’t worry about trapping yourself by signing a contract with them. If you do, DISH can also save you some money because the network is partnered up with internet providers.

Another great reason to go with DISH is their customer service. The reputation of the DISH team precedes them — those people won every award there is.

As we mentioned, you’ll never have to miss a show again. You can either browse the DISH guide and watch both content that’s currently on and shows that aired a while ago. In addition, you can also use Hopper and make your personal collection.

To remind you — DISH also has an app. With the app, you can gain access to all your channels from practically any device. More importantly, you can watch recorded content even if you’re not online.

So everything sounds great except for one thing — HBO and NFL SUNDAY TICKET are a serious deal-breaker for a lot of people. Understandably so — both of the channels have a vast, committed audience.

To conclude — if lack of the two major channels isn’t a problem for you, there’s really no reason that stands in the way of you becoming a DISH client.

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