Verizon Fios TV Review: What You Need to Know

For some people, choosing a new network is quite similar to getting a pet — a new member of the family. It takes a lot of weighing, consideration, and research, and that’s not surprising.

Before you set your mind on a network, make sure to do a thorough background check. The fact is, you can’t really have a new field team over each month to install some new equipment.

Chances are you’ve heard of Verizon Fios — let’s see what happens once you become its client.

Introduction to Verizon Fios

With over 425 channels on offer, Verizon Fios stands out from its competition. As you might assume, a network with this many channels attracts an interesting clientele. Passionate sports fans, cinephiles, and professional couch potatoes — each of the groups gets excited by the sheer variety of channels available.

Another reason why Verizon Fios has a loyal audience is the quality of its network. When you sign up for a cable or a satellite TV network, you know there will be problems. The technology behind these networks just can’t stand harsh weather. For that reason, if you go with Verizon Fios, you actually opt for a fiber-optic network.

As you’ll see down the road, Verizon Fios offers some exciting options that can catch anyone’s attention. However, nothing that the company offers is free. As a matter of fact, it’s not that affordable either.

So let’s take a look at what Verizon Fios brings to the market and find out if it’s worth your money.

About Verizon Fios Packages

As a Verizon Fios client, you can choose between four packages. The options are quite interesting and suitable for different types of characters. So you can take your pick according to your preference.

Custom TV

To begin with, there’s something called Custom TV. A great thing about this package is that you can put it together by yourself — as you might have assumed because of the name.

Another obvious thing is that the number of channels varies — you’re the one responsible for how extensive your choice will be. Some people prefer having just a small number of their favorite channels, while others like to keep their options open. The choice is yours.

Either way, the Verizon Fios team will present you with Channel Packs. The packs are divided and categorized to help you make your decision. So you’ll be looking at the following options:

  • Sports & News
  • News & Variety
  • Lifestyle & Reality
  • Kids & Pop
  • Home & Family
  • Action & Entertainment
  • Infotainment & Drama

Obviously, you will need some time to personalize your channel list, but it seems like it’s worth the trouble. In the end, you’ll be left with a number of channels you already know you like.

Preferred HD

If picking your own channels one by one sounds like something you really don’t want to do, then you can think about the Preferred HD package. If you decide to opt for this option, the channels will be already selected for you — over 280 of them, to be precise.

Considering that going through the entire list would take a while, let’s look at the most interesting channels. When Verizon Fios hooks you up with Preferred TV, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • ESPN
  • MTV
  • TNT

It’s a decent selection — Preferred TV covers all the basics.

Extreme HD

In case you’re not interested in the basics, you should consider Extreme HD. Verizon Fios created a package that counts over 350 channels, which is at least 70 more than Preferred HD has to offer.

With the Extreme HD package, you’ll have the pleasure of watching channels like the Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC America, FX, and GSN, which are all part of the deal.

Ultimate HD

However, if you have a feeling you’re missing out, then, you should go with the most extensive package — Ultimate HD. Once the Verizon Fios team installs your new package, you’ll be looking at over 425 channels.

What you also need to know about Ultimate HD is that it has more than 150 HD channels. So practically, you never have to watch anything that’s in lower resolution if you don’t want to.

In that extensive list, there are a couple of programs that deserve a special mention:

  • Fusion
  • Showtime
  • Fox College Networks
  • Revolt
  • ESPN

Verizon Fios Isn’t Affordable

Unfortunately, the network really isn’t what you’d call affordable. Let’s start with package prices.

  • Custom TV — $64.99 a month
  • Preferred HD — $74.99 a month
  • Extreme HD — $79.99 a month
  • Ultimate HD — $89.99 a month

As you probably already know, you can find a starting package for half as much. However, have in mind that the prices are based on the network quality — Verizon Fios has a fiber-optic connection.

Besides, Verizon Fios doesn’t make annual contracts — it’s another reason for the prices. So for someone who wants to have a lot of HD channels for a short while, the pricing may not sound too bad.

Be Aware of the Many Fees

If you thought the prices are steep up until this moment, you should probably sit down for the following piece of information.

First of all, the installation isn’t cheap. Just to bring Verizon Fios into your home, you’ll have to give up $99. Regardless if you’re a new client or an old one, this additional hundred bucks will be on your bill.

In case your package contains sports channels, you’ll be looking at another fee which will be on a monthly basis. So to watch your favorite teams play, you need to pay the Regional Sports Network fee, which is $7.89.

Moreover, there’s also a router fee. Surprisingly enough, this one is also on a monthly basis. It’s not like you can enjoy Verizon Fios without actually owning their router, so you’ll just have to pay it. For this particular pleasure, your bill will increase by an additional $10.

To top it all off, you’ll be paying for a Broadcast fee as well. In this case, your pocket will be lighter for $4.49.

When you sum it all up, the fees alone are $22.38. To remind you, each of them will be on your monthly bill. Of course, add another hundred dollars to the first month; otherwise, no Verizon Fios for you.

Enjoy On-Demand Content

In this time and age, it’s simply unacceptable to miss an episode that you’ve spent weeks waiting for. The fact you weren’t home at the right time just can’t be an issue. So you should always look for a network that can provide you with this necessary luxury we refer to as on-demand content.

You should also know that Ultimate HD, Extreme HD, and Preferred HD all have a serious offer when it comes to on-demand content. With each of the packages, you’ll have access to the On-Demand Library that contains over 140,000 titles.

With a number of titles as large as this, you should be comfortably set for binge-watching. However, that’s not the only thing you can do with all the options. Also, you can explore TV in a more natural way and find new programs that will climb to the top of your list of favorites.

Download Verizon Fios App

Another must-have when it comes to networks are apps. For people who travel a lot, having over four hundred channels at home doesn’t really mean a lot. What’s the point if you never get to see them? Therefore, make sure a network offers a functional app too.

That is the case with Verizon Fios. As we mentioned, Verizon Fios offers many on-demand titles — you’ll be able to access each of them using the official app. This way, you won’t have to spend a second more in boredom while commuting, for example.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to waste time finding what to watch, you can also download your favorite shows. Thanks to this option, you won’t have issues with trying to decide what to watch when your choice is that wide.

Finally, you can also use the Verizon Fios app to follow live content. Of course, this might be tricky while traveling, considering that Wi-Fi can be unstable. However, a hotel room should provide a decent signal — you’ll have your entire collection of entertainment in your pocket.

Satisfying Customer Service

Customer service should influence your decision when choosing a new network. Both its efficiency and reliability can make your life quite difficult or highly enjoyable.

In case of Verizon Fios, you should be satisfied with its customer service team. If you actually get in touch with them, you’ll find the employees have a positive attitude and that they are eager to solve your problem.

What’s probably the most important thing about the Verizon Fios customer service team is the lack of upselling attempts. When you reach out to them, they won’t try to increase your bills. As you’ll find out, the focus will be on making your issue disappear.

Record up to 200h in HD

Yet another way not to miss a show is to have someone record it for you. In case you decide to go with Verizon Fios, that responsibility can fall to its DVR. As a Verizon Fios client, you can choose between two DVRs in the offer.

If you go with the Enhanced DVR, you’ll get 100 hours of storage. More importantly, those 100 hours can all be in high definition. So you don’t really have to watch a lousy video ever again. In addition, you should know that Enhanced can record six different programs at a time. Therefore, you don’t really have to choose between your favorites — just record them all.

Verizon Fios has an even better DVR named Premium. The second box is twice as powerful when compared to Enhanced. Premium can record 12 different channels at once, and its storage can hold up to 200 hours of HD content.

As you might have expected, both of the boxes come with an additional fee. At this point, we would all be surprised if there was something free within the Verizon Fios company.

In case you want to go with Enhanced, your monthly bill will jump by $22 a month. But to have Premium and its 200 hours of storage in your home, you will have to pay $32 extra on a monthly basis.

As if the damage wasn’t quite radical so far, there’s one more thing. If you want to hook up several TVs to a DVR, you will have to pay additional fees for each of them too.

The Verdict

So let’s see if Verizon Fios is worth the cash.

The most beneficial factor for clients who appreciate their freedom above all is the fact that Verizon Fios is a no-contract company. You won’t be obligated to sign any kind of contract in order to get this network in your home.

However, the team responsible for installation will make you lighter for a hundred dollars if you do decide to get Verizon Fios. To remind you, this bill has nothing to do with the channels — it’s just for installation.

As we reviewed the company, fees just kept piling up. Your bill each month won’t contain just the price of the package you decided to go with but a number of unexpected fees as well. The fact is the package pricing isn’t quite affordable as is. As we mentioned, you can easily find a starting package that’s half the price of the one in Verizon Fios.

However, it seems that all that money is being poured into the company’s quality. Considering that Verizon Fios uses fiber-optic cables instead of another less reliable method, your picture should be clear at all times.

But because of the way the network is installed, it’s not available everywhere. So even if you decide to go with Verizon Fios, installing it might not be possible.

Another plus for the company is that a client can decide to go with the Custom TV package. This way, they can make a careful selection of channels they like and enjoy quality TV at all times.

So as you can see, there are some things you should weigh when it comes to Verizon Fios. But if the company matches your needs, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with its quality.

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